Droneport Workshop

Hosted by COEDD and the City of Stroud
Presented by the DronePort Network and UAS Cluster Initiative

October 10, 2019
10 am - 3 pm

This workshop is designed to share information about the Unmanned Aerial Space (UAS) industry, the role of droneports in supporting commercial drone traffic, and a facilitated discussion on the key strategic components necessary to develop a droneport. Participants will spend time working in location specific teams to begin to build a plan for their community.

Registration is required. The workshop and lunch are complimentary.

Questions? Please contact Craig Mahaney, DronePort Network, Executive Director, , 405-265-8939.


Cattle Country Lodge
1200 N 8th Ave
Stroud, OK 74079

Who Should Attend?

Bringing together key people to learn and create a plan of action for their community is vital. Community champions and stakeholders will work in location specific (community) teams.
  • Economic Development Officials
  • Elected/Appointed Municipal Officials
  • Airport Owner/Manager
  • Airport Authority Officials
  • Research Park/Innovation Center Director
  • First Responders/Emergency Services
  • Trade/Technical/College/University/High School Officials involved in UAS
  • UAS Company CEO/COO
  • Port Authority Director
  • Investors

The Opportunity: From Facilities to Jobs in Oklahoma

The Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) industry is still small, but as the FAA finalizes the rules that will permit large scale flying of commercial drones, the volume of drone traffic will increase substantially and, along with this, the demand for droneport facilities. Ownership may be public, private, or a combination.

Companies that service or operate fleets of drones in a region will benefit by having a facility to support their needs. Droneports are particularly suited for rural communities and industries, supporting drones that cover often large and sometimes remote areas accurately and efficiently. The Oklahoma Droneport Project is designed to help close gaps.

Droneports are new to the aviation industry, and will serve as nodes for commercial drone activity as entrepreneurs pursue new markets. Like the broad aviation industry, there will be opportunities for the droneport to provide services to operators, including:

  • fleet management
  • contract piloting
  • drone maintenance and repair
  • fueling
  • design engineering and test services
  • support for waiver and COA applications
  • services for flight approvals
  • airspace management
  • insurance

There will also be opportunities for drone-enabled service, including:

  • infrastructure and asset inspection
  • data analytics
  • mapping, photography
  • package and cargo delivery
  • air taxi services
  • counter-drone systems
  • public safety
  • emergency response
  • disaster response and assessment
  • perimeter security
  • mobile wireless communication hubs
  • weather monitoring
  • crop and livestock monitoring
  • natural resource monitoring
  • industrial monitoring
  • traffic monitoring
  • research in various fields


Welcome and Introductions

Understanding the Opportunity

  • UAS Industry Forecast
  • Asset Monitoring and Uses of Drones
  • Economic Impact and Job Creation

Logistical Centers to Support Commercial Drone Activities

  • What is a Droneport
  • A Tale of Three Cities: Droneports to Fit Specific Markets
  • Airspace Safety and Permissions to Fly
  • Operations and Staffing
  • Workforce Development

Developing a Droneport in Your Community: A Facilitated Conversation

  • Key Strategic Components and Major Strategic Directions

Presented by the DronePort Network in collaboration with Unmanned Aerial Systems Cluster Initiative

The DronePort Network brings together communities and thought leaders interested in unlocking the potential to prosper and create jobs in the emerging UAS industry.

The Unmanned Aerial Systems Cluster Initiative (UASCI), is funded through a contract with the U.S. Small Business Administration to accelerate the growth of the Unmanned Aerial System industry in the U.S. by enabling established companies and emerging entrepreneurs to connect, work together, and gain access to national technology, global capital, advanced business models and global markets.

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