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We are an emerging aerospace infrastructure development company focused on turn key solutions that will allow communities to support the rapid scalability of drone technology.

DronePort Network can provide a full infrastructure technology stack needed to safely integrate drone technology into your community’s everyday life.

Our team of experts can help you develop a plan that will meet strict FAA requirements, gather industry partners to enhance your droneport project and bring in the appropriate technology partners that can provide a reliable and efficient system.
We partnered with DronePort Network for development of Skyway36 because we needed a team that understood the industry and what infrastructure we needed to have in place to recruit businesses to our facility. The DronePort Network teams experience and network has allowed us to increase our development timeline and bring in a top-notch anchor industry tenant."
Rick Perrier
Osage LLC Board Member

Meet The Team

Craig Mahaney photo

Craig Mahaney

Chief Executive Officer
Craig has more than 25 years of aerospace experience in the military, government, and private industry. As CEO, he is responsible for the overall strategy, oversight and execution of all DronePort Network projects and ventures.

Aaron Baker photo

Aaron Baker

Skyway36 Manager
Aaron is an aviation industry veteran with two decades worth of management, leadership, and team building experience across multiple industries. He has experience with FAA Part 135 and Part 91 flight operations, as well as Part 61 flight schools. Additionally, Aaron is a Part 107 certified UAS operator.

Emily Bell photo

Emily Bell

Chief of Staff
Emily serves as Chief of Staff at DronePort Network, steering operations and fostering client relationships. With over 15 years of program management experience, she has developed and deployed successful projectsand programs across organizational sectors.

Sallie Traxler photo

Sallie Traxler, MBA

Co-Founder and Board Member
Sallie serves as Managing Director of Development Capital Networks. With 25+ years of strategy, innovation and ecosystem building to drive economic growth by aligning industry, network and organizational resources to meet emerging needs.

Christina Kappaz photo

Christina Kappaz

Board Member
Christina, Managing Director at Development Capital Networks, has 30 years of expertise in economic development, focusing on entrepreneurship and access to capital. She has advised Latin American governments on venture capital, served on various investment committees, and supported youth entrepreneurs.

Robert Heard photo

Robert Heard

Co-Founder and Senior Advisor
Robert is a Managing Director and Co-Founder of Cimarron Capital, an investor in venture capital and private equity funds. As an individual he has invested in multiple technology startups. Robert holds degrees from University of Oklahoma and Northwestern University.

Opportunities in UAS

Unlocking Economic Prosperity and Creating Jobs

The growth of autonomous flight technologies means the traditional concept of "aerospace" is evolving into a different human experience. This new personal and local way of interacting with flight requires unique planning, strategy and infrastructure development for commercial entities and communities seeking to capitalize on future industry growth.

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