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We adapt our services to your unique project needs

Our team of experts can help you think through a droneport development plan that will meet strict FAA requirements, gather industry partners to enhance your droneport project and bring in the appropriate technology partners critical for a reliable and efficient system.
We can provide the full infrastructure technology stack needed to safely integrate drone technology into your community’s everyday life. We will lead these teams and work through the droneport development timeline in order to get you to “operational” status as expeditiously as possible.
Our team is equipped and experienced enough to deliver your community or organization a turn key droneport solution.  Once the project is up and running, we can also manage and oversee operations in order to decrease the learning curve andreduce timeframe to project sustainability.
We partnered with DronePort Network for development of Skyway36 because we needed a team that understood the industry and what infrastructure we needed to have in place to recruit businesses to our facility. The DronePort Network teams experience and network has allowed us to increase our development timeline and bring in a top-notch anchor industry tenant."
Rick Perrier
Osage LLC Board Member
Case Study

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We were selected by Osage LLC to develop one of the first droneports in the United States. Skyway36 is the Osage Nation’s aerospace technology innovation zone. Located at the intersection of urban cityscape and rural area just outside Tulsa Oklahoma.
Drone photo from a very high altitude of a large flat landscape of grassy land, woodland, and industrial or office buildings. A runway cuts through the foreground and the skyline of Tulsa, Oklahoma rises in the distance.

Tulsa, OK

  • 90+ Acre droneport/airport.
  • 80,000+ square feet of office space
  • 3,000’ paved runway
  • 2,000+ miles of uncongested class G airspace
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Opportunities in UAS

Unlocking Economic Prosperity and Creating Jobs

The growth of autonomous flight technologies means the traditional concept of "aerospace" is evolving into a different human experience. This new personal and local way of interacting with flight requires unique planning, strategy and infrastructure development for commercial entities and communities seeking to capitalize on future industry growth.

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